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Drivers, Don’t Trade in Your Smartphone for Google Glass … Yet

benglasses-310Texting while driving causes thousands of accidents each year.  Researchers in the Psychology Department at UCF are studying Google Glass to see if it could be a technological solution to this growing problem.  Their new study shows that texting with Google Glass is clearly a distraction — but there is a twist. In the study, texting Glass users outperformed smartphone users […]

Space Launch Carries Experiments of UCF Professor, Graduate

Space Launch Sept 14Two payloads on last Saturday morning’s SpaceX-4 launch at Cape Kennedy had UCF ties. The launch will deliver cargo and crew supplies to the International Space Station. Several experiments on the flight will include: Physics professor Joshua Colwell’s research to explore low-energy collisions of dust particles to better understand the conditions that lead to the formation of […]

COS Undergraduate Researchers Excel

OUR-logoEvery month, university wide, one student is honored with the Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award for their time spent researching a subject of their choice. So far this year, five students from the College of Sciences have been recognized and honored for their hard work. During their research, students work with a mentor that guides them […]

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