UCF College of Sciences

Redesign our Gonfalon

The top three designs have been selected!


What is a gonfalon?

The gonfalon symbolizes the spirit of the University of Central Florida. The gonfalon originated in the medieval state of Italy as an ensign of the state of office. The UCF gonfalons are hung during the commencement ceremony to represent the college. They designate the university seal, the various colleges, and the core values of The UCF Creed. The colors of the university, black and gold, are joined together in a UCF star common to all colleges. View the current UCF gonfalons on the Registrar Office’s Commencement site.

Who will the COS gonfalon represent?

The gonfalon represents the entire College of Sciences. The real question is how to represent the spirit of this large and varied college.

Why do we need a new gonfalon?

The current gonfalon looks like something designed by committee. And, well, it was.

How was the winning design selected?

Selection of the winning design was a two-part process. First, a 10-person committee consisting of students, alumni, faculty, and staff determined the top three designs to recommend. These top choices were submitted to the dean of the College of Sciences to review and select one, two, or all of the designs for further consideration. Additional review and selection/approval will be by the UCF registrar, the vice president of Student Development and Enrollment Services, and finally the UCF president.

What is the award?

Recognition and a $300 prize for the selected design. The selected gonfalon will hang at each of the college’s commencement ceremonies. At this time, we expect the selected design will hang at the Summer 2013 College of Sciences commencement.

In addition, the artist will receive multiple recognitions as the designer of the college’s new gonfalon, including: recognition in the college’s online newsletter, on the college’s website, in UCF News and Information and the possibility of local press writing about the competition winner.