UCF College of Sciences

Science Cafe

“Science Beyond UCF” is our theme for this showcase of talks by our Pegasus Professors and Prep Professors Research Programs. Biology, Sociology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, and Anthropology will be among the subject areas discussed.

Tentatively, here are the speakers that have committed to discuss their research and other initiatives [Read more about each presenter here]:

Dr. Linda Walters, Biology

Dr. Kevin Belfield, Chemistry

Dr. Jim Wright, Sociology

Dr. Humberto Campins, Physics

Dr. Eduardo Salas, Psychology

Dr. Peter Hancock, Psychology

Dr. Talat Rahman, Physics

Drs. Arlen and Diane Chase, Anthropology


The Cafe Scientifiques are sponsored by the Florida Academy of Sciences.   The Academy partners with the College of Sciences in increasing the public’s understanding of science though such programs as the Ask-A-Scientist program, which is run in conjunction with the Orlando Science Center. The Science Cafe movement in the US was launched in conjunction with Sigma Xi. For more information about the Florida Academy of Sciences, please visit their website by clicking here.